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Less Plastic, Less Trash, Better Results.

Environmentally Friendly Options

If you’re like everyone else, it seems that our lives are overrun with packaging and trash – most of it unnecessary.  In addition to reusing our containers at home and avoiding the excess packaging which comes with many retail purchases, we look for products which help reduce excess waste, help to keep our world a little cleaner, and work as intended.  We’re constantly adding new products to the environmentally friendly category, so be sure to check back often.



One of our latest products is a laundry detergent called EarthBreeze.  An environmentally friendly, safe and effective laundry detergent sheet, EarthBreeze eliminates the need for large plastic bottles and leaves out most of the harmful chemicals found in many other detergents.  The product comes in a small pouch and consists of dissolving sheets which you can simply add to your washer.  There is no wrapper, no single-use packet, and only a small packaging envelope.  Stop in and give them a try.  You’ll be glad you did.


Reusable Dish Brushes

Clean it after use, use it again.  If you’re tired of throwing away nasty sponges which only seem to deteriorate faster after every use, consider some of these multi-use brushes.  Avoid the constant sight of a dirty sponge in your sink.  It’s a great way to simplify your dishwashing setup while making less garbage.

Pair these with reusable dish rags and see how much money you’ll save on the ever-increasing price of paper products.


PineRite Hand Soap

Tough on dirt, gentle on your skin.  It’s a great natural soap which you can use in the shop, the yeard, or anywhere in your home.  A great alternative to some of the more harsh chemicals found in many of our soaps, and it’s made in Colorado, which means that when the shipping and supply chain has problems, you can rest easy knowing that this product won’t be affected.  

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