Here at The Larder, we have hundreds of products available for your baking, cooking, snacking and entertainment pleasure!  Here we highlight some of our delicious goodies.

What can we help you find?  Do you need an unusual spice or seasoning?  Maybe you are looking for a candy you remember from the past.  Just send us an e-mail or give us a call at 215-345-5757!

Bucks County Veterans Discount Program

Thanks to all veterans past and present!

The Larder proudly participates in the Bucks County Veterans Discount Program.  The Larder extends a 10% discount to all qualified veterans with an ID card.

See the website for information about the program and how to get an ID card.


CharCrust Dry Rub Seasoning has been a "Best Pick" at the Larder for three years running!  This versatile seasoning is delicious on chicken, pork, beef, fish and even vegetables. 

Just cover all sides of your meat or fish with CharCrust Rub, then spritz with oil or non-stick spray to add sizzle.  Cook to desired preference under pre-heated broiler or grill.  Serve immediately and enjoy!  For vegetables, sprinkle with CharCrust Rub to taste, drizzle with oil and toss well.  Broil, bake or grill as usual, but be prepared for rave reviews!


Buy the Pound


The Larder sells bulk products in any quantity you may need, from ounces to cases!


Give a gift of a delicious breakfast.  Our Gourmet Breakfast basket consists of New Hope Mills Pancake Mix and Muffin Mix, Fairwinds Coffee, Ajiri Tea and Maple Syrup arranged in a sturdy, reusable gift basket.  Price:  $50.00.

Call to order: 215-345-5757 or e-mail us and we'll call you for your information.

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